Breaking the chronic cycle of inflammatory diseases.

Disease Focus

Chronic inflammatory diseases destroy lives every day. We are highly attuned to the serious comorbidities associated with chronic inflammatory diseases, and patients are often at risk for more than they may realize, with treatments that are often intended for little more than symptomatic relief of their symptoms.

Our focus is to seek solutions that go beyond symptomatic relief to halt disease progression and ultimately reduce mortality. That is the heart of the Evommune approach – to look beyond symptom control to address the underlying factors that drive pathology.

Our goal is to develop accessible innovations that not only address the symptoms of chronic inflammatory disease, but also halt disease progression and prevent medical complications in the future.
Current candidate investigations include a small-molecule antagonist of MRGPRX2 (EVO756), targeting a receptor specific to mast cells that initiates immune responses upon binding with its ligands, driving a broad range of disorders.

An additional target of current investigations is the kinase PKCθ, a driver of effector T-cell activation. The small-molecule inhibitor currently in development will potentially serve to regulate immune cell response, with broad applicability in a variety of immune-mediated chronic inflammatory diseases.

We have a range of chronic inflammatory disease programs currently in development.