Laying the foundation for next generation inflammation therapies.


We have a focused strategy to solve the major challenges that chronic inflammation presents.

Our aim is to identify and rapidly advance potent, highly selective molecules exhibiting a clear impact on chronic inflammatory diseases, with drug design guided by the most advanced computational chemistry available. Top investigative candidates will be guided forward by teams fully experienced in prudent lifecycle management.

“Available medicines have made progress treating inflammation, but we know there’s a need for safer, more effective therapies. That’s where Evommune will make a difference.”
Luis Peña, President & CEO

Our Pillars

The core of our approach is leveraging a powerful structure-based drug discovery engine along with our deep scientific, clinical, and commercial expertise to drive target selection and the design of novel molecules that address the root cause of inflammation and exhibit best-in-class profiles for safety and efficacy.

Novel Targets

Identification of the key drivers in disease pathways promoting chronic inflammatory diseases.

Precise Drug Design

Computational chemistry unlocks the structures of potent, highly selective molecules that target the root cause of disease.

Experienced Team

A seasoned team of professionals with the skills to execute an aggressive plan of action.

We are focused on treating and stopping the progression of debilitating chronic inflammatory diseases.