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We seek to collaborate with exceptional partners to advance novel treatments through agile science, rapidly delivering better medicines to the patients that need them. We want to have the best people working on the best science, and that means being—and finding—excellent partners.

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Our Current Partners

Evommune and Accutar have formed a partnership focused on the discovery of novel drug candidates that target the root cause of chronic inflammatory diseases. Accutar employs a sophisticated hybrid approach of computational drug design and wet lab validation, thereby overcoming many limitations of traditional drug discovery methods. By combining Evommune’s deep biological insights with Accutar’s medicinal chemistry engine, we are confident in the development of the next generation of therapies for chronic inflammatory diseases.
Evommune has entered into a strategic collaboration with Maruho Co., Ltd., to exclusively develop and commercialize EVO756 (MRGPRX2 Antagonist) in Japan, Greater China and additional key Asian countries. Maruho is a globally respected organization that has developed and commercialized pharmaceuticals in Japan for over 100 years. We believe this is the start of a long-term, multifaceted relationship between Evommune and Maruho, with the potential to accelerate development and access to EVO756 for patients in Asia.

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